Ghana update 2

Derek writes:

Stayed with Jason last night in his very modest 2 room  village house - communal long drop latrine pit and shower from a bucket of well water. He truly lives very simply and fully integrated into village life. His only comfort is a fan which cools his sleeping area helps keep mosquitoes away. No travelling today - bliss, but busy moving stuff from the defunct Ezetela project to the new No Rush In Life Bicycle Workshop.

Jason Finch has been 'our man in Ghana' for a couple of years.  He's been helping us find out about what's going on on the ground, and with setting up new projects.  Has been all over Africa visiting our partners and other bike reuse projects to find out more.

Is a link to his photos there also, with the brilliant workshop he's created by converting an old shipping container.  The high quality has raised the profile of the shop and cycling in general.  The Ezetela workshop employs five mechanics and has a big focus on repairs, which keeps many bikes on the road, reduces reliance on importing bikes and saves people vital money.