2015 - An unprecedented year for Re~Cycle

I am very pleased to present Re~Cycle’s Annual Report & Accounts for 2015. An exceptional year by all accounts. Congratulations to the team and to all involved.

To start, a few words from our Chair, Gerard Bredenoord:

Gerard Bredenoord
"Dear Team. I have read the annual report and upon reflection, I am greatly humbled by what we are achieving. I am always mindful that we are not actually about sending bicycles to Africa. We are about impacting lives and communities in Africa. I love that our report focuses on the lives we are changing and the open empowerment we are creating in small and large communities in Africa. Please take great pride in the fact that each one of you has played a personal role in the achievement. On a personal level I would like to thank all of you. You are what makes the cogs turn and allows us to go faster or harder as we as a charity move quickly up or down the gears as required. ( i hope that was not to cheesy :-) I very much look forward to working with you in the next year and as the report clearly indicates, i am looking forward to the next stage of our growth. Kind regards and happy cycling!" - Gerard

Download recycle_annual_report_accounts_2015.pdf (8.11 MB)

The organisation as a whole is now reaching a new level of maturity and perspective, strengthening our support for African partners, and increasing our impact through a more strategic approach to fundraising, marketing and operations.

Bicycle donations increased yet again by 15% over 2014, and as a result, we are now approaching maximum throughput and capacity at our warehouse. Our focus has hence been on optimising process and streamlining operations in that area.

Re~Cycle Annual Impact Report & Accounts 2015

Download recycle_annual_report_accounts_2015.pdf (8.11 MB)

For the second year running, we reached the finals of the Third Sector - Business Charity Awards - for our partnership with Halfords, which is a continuing accolade for the work we do together and its potential for development.

We had an unprecedented year in the partnerships, marketing, and public relations department. A highlight being our selection for The Times Christmas Appeal, which resulted in national press exposure through December 2015 and January 2016. The appeal was a huge success, bringing significant income and increasing awareness with business decision makers and the public at large.

It would, however, be unfair not to mention developing relationships with Fixation London, StreetVelodrome, Chris Boardman, and our continuing partnerships with Action Bikes and an ever growing number of UK bike re-use projects and collection points, all of whom have made for a challenging year to follow. 2016 is however not yet over, and it’s been another strong year to date. So let’s keep up the momentum!

Re~Cycle Annual Impact Report & Accounts 2015

Our deepest thanks as ever to all our supporters, volunteers, and everyone who makes our work possible. You are all Re~Cycle Superstars!

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