Birmingham Bike Foundry

1539 Pershore Road
B30 2JH
United Kingdom
Opening times: 
Monday – 10am – 6pm Tuesday – 10am – 6pm Wednesday – 10am – 6pm Thursday 10am – 8pm (the last three hours are Tool Club, but customers are welcome to drop in) Friday 10am – 6pm Saturday 10am – 5pm Sunday – closed

Birmingham Bike Foundry is a workers’ co-operative. We promote cycling activities and recycle discarded bikes.

We offer maintenance and cycle training to members of the public, schools and businesses. We offer workshop repairs, wheel building, and a tool club where you can come along and use our workshop. We source and sell bike parts, both new and recycled and we refurbish donated bikes.

We aim to make a healthy, fun, affordable and environmentally friendly means of transport and leisure available to as many people as we can, however possible!

We believe that cycling is an empowering activity that is part of the solution to Birmingham’s transport and health challenges.