Glad's House - Kenya

Glad’s House Is a street children/young people project in Mombasa, providing education, health and social support. Each year they help over 1,000 children by giving daily meals, cleaning facilities, first aid, classes and other support, including foster care and help with drug addiction. Ultimately they wish to support children off the streets.

The Glad’s House team have several social enterprises to generate an income to pay for the help they give. One of these is a bike shop which has three mechanics and several apprentices. The bike shop is very popular and people travel from outside Mombasa to purchase bikes. Each shipment of bikes we send creates about £6k of profit (after shipping costs), which helps to support their other charitable activities.

  • Supporting street children
  • food, first aid, care and educational classes
  • Reuniting them with their families where possible 
  • Bike repair skills for older children 
Bikes sent SINCE 2009

5,902 as at May 2016

A Glad's House Story

Anna, an ex-street child, at Glad's House in KenyaAnna is 12 years old and has spent the last 3 years on the streets of Kenya. Anna fled her home after she suffered abuse from her stepfather. She found her elder sister on the streets of El Doret, after she had run away 2 years previously.

Anna and her sister spent the next two years running from city to city, spending most of their time homeless but at times they were in various Street Child organisations. They finally ended up in Mombasa in early 2012.

Anna survived on the streets through begging and being taken care of by older children in the area of the city street children live in, Maboxini. She also became dependent on glue to cope with the fear and anxieties she faced on a daily basis. Anna was an avid of attendee to our drop in programme, Papasa. Anna had never been to school and could not read and write, but she was determined to learn.

When Anna was offered a chance to be part of the first group of girls Glad’s House supported off the street, Anna jumped at the chance. Anna is now living in Foster Care, as it was not safe for her to return home. She is back in school and despite being the oldest in her class by 5 years she loves school.


You can provide transport, access to education, and income for people who need it most. Your contribution will help bicycle projects in Africa.

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