Get Involved

Donate your unwanted bike to us

This is the most obvious, and easiest way for anyone to help us. We always need new bikes and can make use of almost anything in almost any condition. You can find out more details on our Donate a Bike page.


Volunteers are incredibly important to Re~Cycle, in fact as a charity they're our lifeline!

If you're interested in volunteering with Re~Cycle we'd like to hear from you. Whatever time you can spare, we'll be able to find something for you to do. Check out our volunteering page for more info.

Fundraising: Do a sponsored bike ride (or other event) for Re~Cycle, on your own or with friends/colleagues

Give a talk about Re~Cycle: at your local Bike Club, School, Rotary, Faith group, place of work etc. You can download our slide show and film here, and we can help with other aspects

Help develop our Resources project: both on and off line

Ask your local bike shop: for unwanted parts and their old tools

Collect bikes and parts: and get transport donated to bring them to us

Companies: Easy Ways Companies and Employees can help