Celebrate Cycling

The need for bicycles in Africa

Transport and development go hand-in-hand. Virtually everything traded, must be transported, and almost everyone needs wheels to get to work or school. Simple, affordable transport generates income opportunities in developing countries, as well as saving lots of time and back-breaking work.

In Britain, millions of bikes are thrown away or lie unused in sheds, whilst many people in Africa have no access to transport of any kind. People spend hours each day walking to collect water, firewood or to access health care, school and employment. A bicycle lightens this burden and dramatically improves their wellbeing as well as work and education opportunities helping to bring social change. A bicycle cuts travel time to a fraction and can carry passengers and heavy loads. Bikes give families the extra time to earn, learn and enjoy life.

"On Saturday 30th July 2016, we were delighted to officially launch the Mombasa Resolution in front of MP, The Honourable Abdul Swamad Nassir and County Executive of the Ministry of Gender, Youth and Sports, Mr Mohammed Abas, the Chief Officer of the Ministry of Gender, Youth and Sports, Mr Rajab Babu, other Government Officials including the Municipal Council Inspectorate, the Department of Children’s Services,  Area Chiefs, Community Members, other Stakeholders, Partners and of course, children and young people living on the streets.

A huge thank you to everyone that joined us at this year’s Eroica Britannia. Last weekend, Chris, Leon and Pierson (a volunteer) spent 3 days at the infamous bicycle festival in the Peak District representing Re~Cycle. The Re~Cycle stall was a huge success, selling all the vintage bicycles and bike parts that were hauled down to generate funds to cover our running costs. Chris, our workshop mechanic even had the chance to take part in the Sunday ride!